Laser Table Game


Version Date Description
1.4 08/17/2013 Tested with iOS 7 Beta and works fine. New cosmetic change to user interface -- the buttons all have a "glow" field around them that pulse. Also added the capability of editing colors for selected game and operational elements. Working on an update to the Instructions now to include this new feature.
1.3 05/07/13 Works with both iOS 5 and iOS 6 on either iPad or iPhone devices. Added some new sound effects and support of the iPhone 5 with its taller display. iPhone 5 owners will have the option of playing with an extra row in the game grid. Also, iPad owners will have the option of playing on the smaller iPhone grid, including the extra row for iPhone 5, if desired. I also fixed a minor little annoyance that has been part of the game since V1.0, the name. It is now "Laser Game", not "laser game". That has annoyed me from the beginning and I just decided to make the change for it with this update.
1.3:B1 09/25/12 New versioning scheme. This is really something internal for my own peace of mind. I now have a script that automatically bumps the build component number of the version ID whenever I compile and update. I am no longer using the system versioning scheme from before (1.1.8 for example).

The biggest change is to bring the code up to IOS 6 standards so that it will run on Apple's latest iOS version and the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 has a taller display and since this is an OpenGL/ES application, it has some sensitivities to the change in screen real estate. I'll get it all straightened out. Also, this iOS update is causing some really ugly screen orientation and presentation issues for my iPad code. Things to fix.
1.2 07/04/11 Added new Pillar Cells. Changed the background of the board game grids to be a realistic photo of a concrete floor. App packaged and submitted for approval.
1.1.8 07/02/11 Got rid of the background png images and replaced them with much better looking dynamically drawn blended dual gradients. Future versions of the software can alter the background colors easily during game play.

Added support for being able to move your own Target Cell.
1.1.6 07/01/11 Added support for new setting allowing randomized locations for Target cells. They are still located in the top and bottom rows, but now are not limited to the corners. Also added in slight tweaks to the appearance of the targets.
1.1.3 06/26/11 Just completed a version that includes support for landscape mode on iPads. The code is not 100% complete but is quite functional. This is one of the major features I want to include in the 1.2 coming release.

Here is a screenshot showing the new lanscaped iPad board game screen.
1.1.2 06/22/11 Enabled Game Center authorization. This is a preliminary step before actual posting of "best run" values to a Game Center leader board. I still have to code the posting operation before this feature is ready.

Created a new notice system which momentarily produces a small dialog panel with text. I've enhanced the code that detects when the "current run" is updated or reset, and when the "best run" has been updated. Now, with these events the new notice system is utilized to popup a message during game play.

I am currently adding support for landscape playing mode on the iPad. This is coming along nicely and will be a nice enhancement for iPad players.
1.1 06/12/11 Completed work on new Statistics report and tracking of best winning run. Completed tests for Randomize Start Player option. Several small tweaks to scene transition and presentation code. Just completed new screenshots for this update and ready to update the App.
1.0.2 06/12/11 Added support for a new Statistics menu item. From that page the player will see their current run of a winning streak as well as the best time they have recorded in a winning streak.
1.0.1 06/11/11 Added initial support for Game Center. Not ready to enable it however. This is for a future release.

Adding some animation (fade-in/fade-out) for menu screen, settings screen and board game scene.

Added new settings option for Randomize Start Player. This will add immediate value and be essential for the future update of networked-player support.
1.0 05/29/11 Submitted version 1.0 for approval to App Store.
0.9 05/22/11 Improved AI algorithm.
0.8 04/23/11 Universal app ready for both iPhone and iPad.
0.6.1 02/12/11 Changed menu screen to use icons for About and Settings. Fixed a problem with game resume from saved.
0.6 11/18/10 Fixed typo in the instructions. Working on a new Settings page.
0.5 10/26/10 Color tweaks. Made the mirrors a little darker.