The Version 1.2 update (in process of development) has some pretty nifty new features. Here are some screenshots.


There has been some cleanup and polish applied to the basic screens. This is the new iPhone menu page. All the new screens have a nice blended double-gradient background.


Game Center Leaderboards are now supported in the game. Shown here for the iPhone is the updated Statistics page. Best Run now includes the date it was accomplished. Also, when the Game Center setting is turned on, a new button "Send Best Run" can be used to transmit your Best Run score to the Game Center Leaderboard. When a new Best Run number is achieved, it is automatically transmitted, if possible, to the Game Center Leaderboard. Just in case, this button is provided to transmit it manually if needed.


Since the iPad has many more mirrors than the iPhone version of the game, there are 2 Game Center Leaderboards. One for each device.


When a score value changes, a new dialog window appears for a few seconds.


iPad Landscape support is now available. There are also a couple of other new features evident in this screenshot. There is now a seting to randomize the locations of the red and green targets within the grid. When the random option is enabled, the target cells are still located within the top and bottom grid rows, but are no longer restricted to being in the corners.

You can also select a Target Cell for movement. You can only move your own Target Cell. The screenshot shows the user has elected to move the green Target Cell downwards. Note that the A.I. never moves its own Target Cell.


This is how the notification dialog appears when the game is played on an iPad in Landscape mode.


Here you can see the iPad Settings screen showing the new options for Game Center, and Randomized Target Locations.


One more. Here is an iPhone screenshot of the next version with a new element on the grid. You can see something new. There is a yellow graphic element on the board game grid. This is a Pillar. Pillars can appear randomly on the iPad and iPhone grid. More will appear on the larger grid of the iPad. A Pillar will not move and it simply blocks the laser beam when it is hit.

Okay that's it. I hope to complete testing of this release soon and then submit it to the App Store.